6 Week Programme | garethriddy




Your daily wellbeing.

Your ability to move (greater freedom/ less restriction...)


Clear any injuries you have (for good!)


Reduce and remove any pain complaints.


Heighten your energy levels: live with more vitality.


Cognitive function: become a more focused, clearer thinking human being.


Experience deep & restorative sleep


A healthy body and healthy mind is no longer the baseline for us human beings living in the modern world. Health is now a decision. To feel young and full of vitality is reserved to those who practise certain habits and actions. Regain your freedom by getting rid of the pain that has held you back: Leave this programme with a new sense of what it means like to live with a healthy body and mind!

Literally ‘Feel’ the change in your energy levels as your body lets go of what drains your resources

What's Holding

You Back?

Once you're out of pain, I work to calibrate the asymmetries and imbalances that fed in to your pain in the first place, or have arisen because of it. This will avoid the complaint coming back.

Let's Get To The Root Of The Problem

Innovative and effective exercises which create change you can feel on a session to session basis

A Healthy Brain Is A Healthy Body

Hi, I'm Gareth Riddy

I've trained people from all walks of life, including helping a world champion kick boxer to win two world titles as well as preparing many Mixed Martial Arts fighters for the cage.

When Im not training or treating clients, I can be found drinking coffee while glued to my laptop, eating, or having a friendly game of who can strangle who at my local Brazilian jujitsu school.

I have treated a ton of people for pain, movement problems, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety, pelvic floor issues and more. Although I can be a bit of a potty mouth, I do it with love in my heart.


We'll go through a thorough assessment to determine how you're feeling, moving, and experiencing life. 

After our first session, we can focus our efforts on one of the following categories: 1. Pain/Movement 2. Energy/Vitality 3. Mind/Cognitive Function 4. Sleep. 

After getting your system to a balanced state of health, we can work to optimise and achieve your specific goals. 

See if this programme is a good fit:


Improve the quality of your movement: get rid of injury, pain complaints, and restrictions in range of motion. My programme will get you stronger, more flexible, all while restoring your body to its natural state of mobility.


Your health is the most important attribute you have in your life. Feeling lethargic and low on energy is no way to experience your daily activities... My approach focuses on the individual, you! We'll identify what's holding you back, and you'll feel the amazing changes as we work together, and your body lets go of what's draining your resources.


Trouble focusing, or have a lack of concentration? Do you feel like you're being held back for some reason? Maybe you've experienced some neurological trauma? Or experienced concussion? The mind is often referred to as the "conductor" of the body: it controls every thing. You can optimise the way it interacts with your body, and see immense improvements in many departments of your life. I have helped many clients overcome certain limiting beliefs which have resulted in amazing personal growth and happiness.


Poor sleep can affect a whole lot in you, be it physical performance, work, emotional and psychological wellbeing, as well as the way you interact with the world. Sleep affects every aspect of your life. If you're having trouble sleeping, have insomnia, or net getting enough restorative rest, I can help you. We'll reset your body clock to where it should naturally be, and I'll teach you the mechanisms that push it out of whack. My clients sleep like babies, you can too!



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​“Gareth reprogrammed my sleep a few weeks ago and I have slept soundly since.


I have trained with him over the last few years and can honestly say he is dedicated, truly knowledgable, a wonderful person to spur you on when you feel like giving up, honest, a true genius, funny as and has an ever growing bag of tricks. He is the man!”​

Linda Bloor, Senior Account Manager​

“Where do I start? I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury around 6 weeks ago (Dec 2016). I suffered a severe concussion and subsequently was diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome. On session 1, Gareth's therapy methods were unlike anything I had ever read about or seen. I came in feeling one way about my life and symptoms, then left feeling totally different!

As a result of the PCS diagnosis, I am left with many symptoms but Gareth went through and highlighted issues that I haven't even put down to my accident were as a direct result of PCS.

The below are all being changed by PCS:

- Sleep patterns
- Digestive performance
- Sight 
- Hearing
- Motivation 
- Mood
- Pain 
- Body shape
- Oral chemistry
- Balance 
- Co-ordination

After one session my whole outlook has changed. I have signed up for a longer more intense course of treatment. This treatment will develop and adjust as I move along my recovery.

Gareth loves his job, is professional, genuine and I can't recommend him any more highly. The best money I have spent in ......forever!”​

Stuart Gentry, Director of Special Projects & Innovation

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  • vision

  • pain complaints

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"Gareth is an immense wealth of knowledge. I do a lot of research myself but find much of it goes over my head. Gareth is extremely good at making extremely hard information much more accessible to the average lay person! He will very often give you small nuggets of advice which can make huge differences to your training or general wellness. Even after 5 years of training with Gareth I'm always learning new things.

In this day and age the best thing about Gareth as a trainer is that he is not one of those preachy, attention seeking, social media narcissists who makes the entire session about them and tries to tell you how to live your day to day life.

Do it soon and you will not be disappointed. This is a trainer who is as professional as they come but can relax the more he gets to know you. He doesn’t get involved in the silliness of the industry and the session truly will be all about you. If you are clear in your goals and communicate these clearly then Gareth will get you there if you commit. Be ready for his sense of humour.

He is a trainer who is very much dedicated to bettering his level of knowledge. This being the case he will always have new routines and activities for you to try. You will never feel like you are plateauing with Gareth (hence why I have been with him for close to 5 years now). Since being with Gareth I have won 6 golds and 3 silvers at international level WKU kickboxing events as well as many successes in domestic national events".

Chris Djaelani, 3 x World Champion in the World Kickboxing Union (WKU)

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  • injury

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  • performance

"Gareth addressed ALL issues I was experiencing and had failed numerous times in the past to address. I had niggling injuries from sport, that he cleared away incredibly quickly. I had an issue with my hamstring that he dealt with in one session.   


My body was tight and tense - I was feeling tired, and low on energy. My posture wasn’t ideal, I would find myself often slouching due to being seated most of the day at work. Needless to say he helped me with all of this, and I’m effortlessly walking around with my chest held higher than it ever was before. (it’s been around 3 months and all the results have lasted)


He improved my ability to concentrate and focus. He gave me some great exercises and drills to work on that greatly impacted my daily function and wellbeing.


He even helped me with a severe allergic reaction, by calming it down on the spot. (After a few days, it went away and I haven’t experienced it since).


I would highly recommend Gareth’s 6 week programme, it could be the most impactful thing you do for yourself, for you health, and the way you feel everyday!"

Pierre Higginson

  • sleep

"I thought I'd tried everything to get my sleep back to normal, I wish I'd of tried this first and saved myself four years of sleepless nights and tons of cash too. I'm back to sleeping 'normally', I'm back to laughing and smiling and not having to worry anymore. It feels amazing if you're suffering, I highly recommend booking in with Gareth to get your life back too! Thanks Gareth :)"

Nikki Smith

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  • sleep

  • cognitive function

  • energy

  • pain

"With an unconventional approach Gareth Riddy is one of the most qualified brain-based therapists there is. 

I would go as far as calling him a modern age sage. Riddy’s unparalleled desire to help people to heal, his love and dedication is off the charts. He is a healer in the very core of his being with a heart of gold.

It was by the grace of God - Buddha, Universe, Mother Nature; you name it, that nearly two years ago Mr Riddy came into my life - to save it. Quite literally!

I will try and be as much succinct as I can in sharing my beyond belief journey as Riddy’s client. 

It was late February 2016, my life felt like the darkest version of an never ending nightmare. Almost everyday in one way or another I’d pray for God to take me back ‘home’ - the hopelessness and pain was unbearable. 

I felt trapped in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship, eight years of my life that I did not see go by. I completely lost track of myself and any sense of self-care or self love. I loathed the image I was forced to see in the mirror everyday. But by no means here I proclaim myself as being a victim, no relationship of any kind is one sided. There is not one person only to be blamed for. I believe that often we get so lost that we loose track of the goodness inside of our hearts - giving free way to the shadows to come out to play freely. Hurting ourselves and others.

Eventually, what I regard as a blessing in disguise came, my then partner found love else where, I for instance, found three well advanced tumours in my body.


For a brief moment that was the way out I for so long asked for. One chemotherapy session down and the end of it was show itself bright and clear in the horizon. The doctors, in a gloomy and austere tone said: Miss Silva unfortunately the results of your last chemotherapy session is no good and we can not submit you to another one, your condition is too fragile. We believe that at this stage you may have another 6 months to live. Was it the answer to my prayers, perhaps - but I did not like it.


Something inside of me woke up and then and there I knew there was more to life than what I have experienced for 33 years. It was a lifetime of abuse of all sorts, trauma, fear and pain.

One may ask, is there any way one can find happiness and healing after such a long time of neglect and brokenness. Well Mr Riddy’s answer is - “Love is the answer my dear, fucking love the shit out of yourself and see what happens next.”

Well “the next is” - here I am, nearly two years later sharing with you my story and my eternal gratitude to the person who showed me, made me feel, what unconditional love is - what it is capable of.

Oh, yes, the tumours - they are gone! Yeah, like that - gone with the wind. 
I now carry on with my sessions with Mr Riddy two to three times a week - sorting out core beliefs and distorted images created within my being way before I was able to make choices for myself.


I feel like only now I am getting a sense of who I really am - according to Mr Riddy I am love, God’s love on Earth.

I like that, so that is who I am; God’s love."

Mariela Silva

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"I was very skeptical about the service Gareth Provided, but I went in opened minded. As i am big into strength training my goal was to sort my hip and shoulder to allow my self to further progress the big 3 lifts, (squat, bench, deadlift) after the 1 session with him, my hip ache had gone my shoulder didn't ache, I didn't feel the need to stretch my right hip flexor every 5 minutes.

How long it will last I don't know, but I think this is an evolution in the PT scene.

I would recommend it anyone with issues with there body, and massage/chiropractor doesn't do anything.

Very happy with the service, professional, and straight to the point.

Money well spent.

Gary Wright

  • pain

  • injury

  • flexibility

  • mobility

  • strength

"Having seen numerous physio's about an ongoing knee problem, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. It was still sore and would often hinder my training, I then damaged my MCL and pulled my groin. After yet another course of physio that didn't work, I decided to seek help from Gareth.

He was able to spot the problem in our first session and from there we worked together for 8 weeks to get me back into shape. This finished in July and I have been pain free and training happily since then.

Gareth's approach is a mix of granular detail and fun. He has a brilliant sense of humour and is extremely detail focused, I never knew proper form was so difficult!

I would recommend Gareth to anyone, from elite athlete to someone who needs to improve their day to day movement.


Thanks Gareth”.​

Luke Parry

  • pain

"Gareth had been working on my foot and leg for a few weeks to help with my pain, for the first time in 5 years I had reduced pain in foot and leg, better than medication.


I have tried a lot of stuff to reduce pain, even a type of electroshock therapy (don't ever recommend this). 

I highly recommend anyone with pain to see Gareth and try this treatment you will not be disappointed".

Alfie Wright, Para Powerlifter at British Weightlifting - Current English Champion

  • sleep

  • back pain

"Having had problems with my sleep pattern for a year or so Gareth said he could help me so after thinking if this would work i went along. What he does is amazing and very clever. I went to see him about two weeks ago and since then I have slept so well and am no longer waking up half way through the night.


Gareth has also helped with my back pain and again I am not in constant pain every day. His work is very clever and he takes his time to listen to you and work out what the cause of the problem is.


I would definitely recommend anyone to see him".

Kirsty Ross

  • pain

This was one of the strangest, most enlightening experiences!


I have felt a reduction in the intensity of my pain that I've battled for 6 years, in only one session.


Time will tell but thank you for your time and for instilling such confidence in me".

Lynne Rogers, Pilates Instructor

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  • movement

  • injury

"Not only has a huge understanding of movement therapy, but is one of the most likeable personality I have ever met!

I would highly recommend Gareth as a trainer, he has helped motivate me and always sees the positivity of life, not to mention most of my best quotes are stolen from him".

Bill Thorpe, Graphic Designer/Videomaker

"This man is a wizard. Highly recommend you go see him for yourself".

Andy Rowe, Brazillian Jujitsu Competitor