Gareth Riddy | About Me


Gareth Riddy is a one to one coach, whose offering is very different from the classic personal trainer. Gareth’s practice is aimed at function, to get people pain free and moving better. His skillset is unique to the UK, and he's one of the few coaches providing his combination of services worldwide.

Whilst his skills are of the highest level, Gareth’s sessions with clients are relaxed and informal. Jogging bottoms are his uniform, jokes are mandatory and he is committed to creating a comfortable environment in which his clients can heal.

Recognising that every individual has different needs, Gareth offers a mix and match range of services, which he combines to create a personalised package for each client. You can read more about Gareth’s services here.


At the core of his practice is a dedication to helping people from all walks of life and pain levels to feel, to feel restored. His clients range from people with neurological trauma, cross-fitters, combat sports athletes and competitive strongmen/women.