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To thrive in this world we must learn to honour what it is to be human

The modern world is evolving at an unrelenting pace. With that pace comes increasing demands on our time and attention. Yes, technology has made our lives more convenient and we are living longer, but are we thriving, are we healthy and are we happy? 

Many people are living in pain, both emotional and physical. Movement capacity is shrinking, trapping us inside our own bodies. Sleep deprivation is considered normal, as is low energy. And our ability to focus is dwindling. 

As human beings, we have some innate physiological and psychological needs. They are part of what makes us human. Those needs must be met, despite the demands of modern living. 

Gareth teaches you how to honour what it is to be human so that you can thrive in this modern world. Just some of the things you will learn in this book

• How our wellbeing is linked to our environment 

• How our body clock is about more than just sleep and how to look after it.

• How are physiology and psychology are not really separate and how take advantage of that. 

• How to find out exactly what foods your body functions best on.

This book is a raw, no bullsh!t approach that is written with humour and ultimately love. 

"Intriguing insight into things we take for granted in the modern world, small incremental changes we can make to have a massive impact on our well being, life & family happiness! Reading about Gareth's life experiences it's a surprise he still walks the earth (barefoot) with us today, so to go through these experiences and use all of that in a positive way is truly inspirational... and to share it with the rest of us, what a bonus!

Subsequently, I have made a lot of changes to my daily routine which the results are hugely noticeable and joined the Facebook group 'How to undo the sh!t the modern world does to us...' for continued hints, tips and advice.

Highly recommend this book, I don't ever read books but the realness of this, easy to understand and no mumbo jumbo made it a pleasure to read.

Patiently waiting the next one... ;-)"
Mr Sam Drury