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In these 4 video tutorials, I'll show you:

Techniques To...

Become more aware of your actions, and how they are impacting your life

How To Stay On Track

Taking control over certain minute things in your life can hugely impact your daily happiness & wellbeing. Find out what they are!

Quick And Easy Way To

Change your state if you are feeling down, or low on energy

Habits Back By Science!

Some very smart people have proven that certain actions have positive impacts on your health & wellbeing

Hi, I'm Gareth Riddy

 I've trained people from all walks of life, including helping a world champion kick boxer to win two world titles as well as preparing many Mixed Martial Arts fighters for the cage.

When Im not training or treating clients, I can be found drinking coffee while glued to my laptop, eating, or having a friendly game of who can strangle who at my local Brazilian jujitsu school.

I have treated a ton of people for pain, movement problems, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety, pelvic floor issues and more. Although I can be a bit of a potty mouth, I do it with love in my heart.

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