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A Guide To Optimising Your Brain

Video 1: Pay attention to the information you ingest

Video 2: How to direct your energy, your goals, your life

Video 3: The secret to staying on track

Video 4: Quick and easy technique to heighten your state of wellbeing

Why can your mind be such a shit stirring dickhead? Believe it or not, it is trying to look after you, although it doesn’t seem like it when that fucker is whirling away sometimes uncontrollably. Usually while trying to sleep, the dick.


Well all this is basically tied to the fact that we were made for a different environment. Our physiological, emotional & social needs have not changed, we are the same species we have been for thousands of years. As an organism we haven’t changed. 


Our environment on the other hand is constantly changing at an ever increasing pace. Much faster than we, as an organism can adapt to.


Our brain evolved to help us move through a variety of environments & challenges. It helps us form social bonds as ultimately we are herd animals. It is also trying to protect us, constantly. Bringing to our attention any potential threats. The brain is good at this, a little too good.


In the modern world, the massive amount of information that is flooding in every moment of our lives is much greater than in a more natural setting, a setting we actually evolved for. So, the brain is constantly being triggered & overwhelmed. All those negative shit stirring thoughts, are a primal brain trying to keep us safe, looking for perceived dangers, from a time & environment that no longer exists for us as a species.


All our worries can be broken down into 4 areas. They can & often do intertwine.


I’ve called these the 4 horseman of the shit stirring dickhead as you can guarantee all the shit stirring will be about at least 1 of these on some level.


Looking after ourselves is important for obvious reasons. On an instinctual level, this is manifested as avoiding the unknown whenever possible. In the wilds, there could be dangers lurking. This is why many people will stay where they are in life, no matter how crap it is. Comfort zones represent safety. In the modern world they are far from safe, most people die there having never truly lived.


About as strong an instinct as there is. Nothing pushes our buttons quite like sex. We all want to feel sexually attractive & are pulled by those that we find sexually attractive. On an instinctual level, it makes complete sense. Without it we would have become extinct. That instinct governs so much of our lives. Even writing this is making me think about boobs


This is survival at a primal level, being able to provide for yourself & family. Every species has this need, it drives us to survive. Do I have the resources for survival & am I spending less resources, energy than I have available to me? In the modern world it is expressed financially as we live on an economic planet.



We have a deep need to keep our families or communities together. We are a social species, herd animals. This is where the drive to want to fit in, impress other people, climb the social ladder comes from. It is why when we are left out of a group, isolated or rejected that it is so painful to us. The absolute worst thing that can happen to a group animal is it can become separated from the rest of the group. In a primal setting, separation from the group means certain death.  The need to fit in is far from superficial vanity, it is from the deepest level within us.

These 4 buttons are pushed extensively by advertisers, media, & politicians to get you buy into them. If you stop & take a look around, you will see it everywhere.


The thing is about these buttons, the 4 horseman of the shit stirring dickhead, is they are not going away. They are needs that must be met on some level, by all of us.


The wonderful thing about knowing these drivers is it allows you to take a step back & make more informed decisions about the things you choose in life. Are you thinking & doing things because it’s right for you, taking your life forward in the way that you want? Or are you just being triggered by those old primal instincts? Reacting & getting yourself in shit.