PRICING | garethriddy

Single session: £50

10 x session package: £450

Treatment, training or both. 


Sleep package: £100

Consists of 4 x one-to-one treatments balancing the brain chemistry and resetting your body clock for a natural and healthier sleep pattern.


Online package: £35 (30 minute session) & £60 (1 hour session)

If you can't physically get to Gareth, don't worry, all treatment is also available online, using Skype from anywhere on this little planet.


8 week wellness package:

3 x sessions a week £960 (£480 month)

Consists of working with you to restore your body to its natural state of mobility and movement. The aim is is to get to the bottom of any pain you have and tackle any movement limitations that are holding you back from getting the most out of the body you live in.


Monthly package:

2 x sessions a week £300

3 x sessions a week £420

ALL PACKAGES: Each individual package can consist of a combination of both training and treatment depending on your individual needs.