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Have you experienced chronic pain for years? Do you have back problems? Is your movement limited or dysfunctional? Have you experienced neurological trauma? Perhaps you’re a sportsperson who wants to reach your athletic potential and gain the edge? Would you like to improve your coordination, concentration, alertness, speed or strength?

Gareth’s clients are people who want to move better or get out of pain. Often both. They range from combat sports athletes and competitive strongmen/women to cross-fitters and people with a history of neurological trauma.

Recognising that every individual has different needs, Gareth combines his mix and match services to suggest a personalised package for each client. Your price is based on how much you decide to go ahead with. He adds value to his services with his non-standard methodology, his relaxed, fun approach, his high level of skills, and his natural empathy.

Your body never lies. Even if your body looks great, is it telling you that something needs to change? As Gareth says, “The best abs in the world mean nothing if you can’t tie up your shoelaces or reach the top shelf.” However your body looks, and whatever your pain or movement issue, Gareth is dedicated to improving your quality of life.


If you can't physically get to Gareth, don't worry, all treatment is also available online, using Skype from anywhere on this little planet


In his one-to-one coaching, Gareth uses a mix of protocols to find clients’ imbalances. This coaching is not about fat loss, which is something that occurs naturally as a bi-product of treating yourself well. 
​Gareth’s focus is on improving movement, which he sees as the scaffolding for a healthy brain .Your brain & body need movement to be healthy, all aspects of the body are connected. Nothing happens in isolation.


Our body clock is set by the light & dark cycles of the earth. In the modern world, surrounded by artificial light, we no longer live our lives by those cycles and it leaves our biological rhythms out of sync, leaving us sleep deprived and feeling fried.

Poor sleep not only affects our physical performance, but it also affects our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Sleep affects every aspect of our lives.

Gareth offers a sleep package that will put your body clock back to where it should naturally be. Reset your circuitry associated with sleep and teach you how to live better in tune with those cycles, as much as the modern world allows.

Applied movement neurology is used to assess and regulate neurological & bioelectrical circuits, to help optimise brain & body communications. A breakdown or miscommunication within these circuits can affect your balance, coordination, cause movement restrictions, sensation loss and pain. Every aspect of your function relies on good communication This therapy can be used independently or incorporated into one-to-one coaching.
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