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September 3, 2017


As this is my first official blog, I’ll use it to tell you what I do and what brought me here. That way you’ll have a better idea of if I might have anything useful to say in the future. With well over a decade working in the health and fitness industry, I should have, I bloody hope so anyway. Ultimately that is down to you decide though.


Let’s crack on with this blog then.


My work can be gym based, in a therapy room or online doing video call. Essentially, I work in brain and body communications.  Identifying and clearing blockages, optimising function. As the brain is ultimately the governor and nothing really happens without its say so, it’s importance cannot be overstated. It is however massively overlooked in most treatment and training methods. If a problem occurs in the body, at a joint, muscle or even an organ, it tends to get looked at on its own, in isolation. It is the equivalent of looking at dot to dot picture and judging it by one, single dot. That is not the picture, nothing happens in isolation.


As a kid, I grew up on a council estate, an only child in a single parent family. Back before being a single parent family was fashionable, we were pioneering on our block. A lot of my childhood was spent in Dr’s and hospital waiting rooms, usually to do with my asthma. Being badly asthmatic meant I couldn’t play with the other kids like most of them played, not without me being a wheezy mess and needing my inhaler anyway. I grew up inactive, overweight, introverted and feeling isolated. I think my love of reading came from those days.


In my early teens, I discovered drugs and fell in love with all things intoxicating. They enabled me to feel different, to be different. Slowly but surely, I progressed my way through the drug ranks. You name it, I took it, always to excess. They eventually led me to homelessness, living in squats and on traveller sites. Fortunately, my grandparents took me in when I really needed it and I started to move away from the drugs there. It took a while though.


My love for the gym began when I was 23 and I first started thinking about doing it as a career. My body had other ideas though and I was diagnosed with cancer in my throat at 24 (the youngest ever to get that type, claim to fame). My previously unhealthy life and poor emotional patterns had caught up with me. It took me a good couple of years after all the treatment and recovery to find my love for the gym again. This time I wasn’t derailed and I started studying to become a personal trainer when I was 27 and I never stopped learning. Being faced with your own mortality can be quite motivating. To give this a bit of context, I am 41 at the time of writing this.


A few years ago, my mum sadly lost her battle with cancer. It was particularly aggressive and the tumours became visible. By the end, they had changed the shape of her head and face. It was almost like she was wearing a crash helmet of cancer. She died in a lot of pain and did not go quietly in her sleep. Thankfully she died at home with all the family in the house. They were all downstairs in her last moments, I was in her room. Her final breath was with me, just me and my mum, just like my childhood. I am honoured for that moment. When she was first diagnosed, she said to me. “if anything can go wrong with treatment, it will, it always does with me” I knew at that moment that she would not survive. It was classic victim mentality and became a self-fulfilling prophecy. She lived her whole life like that.


Watching my mum suffer her whole life is what drives me. I saw a life wasted and nearly wasted my own. I knew if I could bring myself this far, I could help others too. When I received my inheritance, I had two choices in my mind, security or growth. I chose the latter. Growth is security in my view. Security without growth just becomes a trap. I put tens of thousands into my education, air fares, hotels and just living while I immersed myself and internalised what I had been learning. It was 100% worth it, I made the right choice. That choice brought me here.


It is my mission to try undo some of the shit that the modern world does to us. Everything I do has that one thing in mind.


Big punkass love



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